Adding events to the calendar

Adding your event to the Calendar

In short, we want you to list your community events for FREE within the online Event’s Calendar that’s viewed by thousands of visitors every year 🙂

Obviously we have to have some terms to control quality and legality for this purpose.

As well as the terms on this page for listing an event within the calendar we would also like to bring to your attention our main Privacy Policy describing how we collect and use personal data.

Terms and conditions – Event listings

We will not charge you for listing an event within the calendar.

We do ask that you limit your listings to a maximum of one per calendar month and that your venue is within the Exeter area covered by this site.

We also state that our decision will be final should we feel that an event is unsuitable for listing.

You must provide all the required information on the event submission form.

When adding an image via the form – you will need to resize images / photos to ensure that their file sizes are less than 2000kb (2mb).

You must confirm and warrant that you have full permission by the event organiser/s to submit the event and grant any required use of the information provided as detailed within these terms.

You therefore must also agree and accept that by listing an event on the or partner sites that any one connected to this site/s is not responsible or liable for any loss what so ever.

You also acknowledge that has no control over and does not guarantee the content, quality, safety, accuracy or legality of any event submitted.

Your content and use
We often try to draw people to our Events Calendar via social media channels. We also promote events throughout our site / partner sites. We do not make any claim to Your Content and you will remain solely responsible for Your Content. However you must grant  and /or  partner sites full permission and were applicable a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, and licence to access, and use of Your Content, in whole or in part, in any media, for this purpose.

We also request that if event artwork or images are not provided via the event submission forms that you also authorise us to either grab a screen shot of the event website or use an image from the event website for the purpose of this promotional and marketing service.

As well as accepting these terms and conditions, you must also read and accept the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer before submitting any entries to be listed on the events calendar.

Thank you, We wish your event every success.