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Red Coat Guides

Exeter's Red Coat Guided Tours

Exeter offers its visitors the opportunity to take various guided walking tours around the city with the Red Coat Guides.

These volunteer guides will take you for a 90-minute (approx.) tour, leading you around the various attractions and showing you some of the most popular sights to see. All this, whilst also presenting lots of interesting facts and tales of Exeter's long and historical past.

Tours are available throughout most of the year, with a separate summer and winter programme.

Some of the Exeter Red Coat Tours available include:
Medieval Exeter
Cathedral Close & Palace Garden
Ghosts and Legends
Exeter Old & New
Exeter's City Wall
Murder and Mayhem
Forgotten Exeter
Cathedral to Quay
The Merchant's Tale
Catacomb & 21 The Mint

More Information:
Details on the various tours available can be obtained from:

Exeter Red Coat Guided Tours
c/o Exeter Visitor Information & Tickets
Dix's Field

Telephone:01392 265203
Email: guidedtours@exeter.gov.uk

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